Dillon Welding started out as a welding and tools supplier more than 20 years ago. With humble beginnings in the town of Malmesbury in the Western Cape, Dillon Welding has over the years evolved into a recognised national general supplier. With our original branch still in Malmesbury we now have a branch in Gauteng as well as a newly launched satellite branch in Bloemfontein. What started out as a supply store for strictly welding and tooling equipment has in recent years changed dramatically as there was a growing demand to expand our product ranges. Dillon Welding with its diverse array of suppliers is able to have a footprint in a host of industries from FMCG to Mining and Quarrying.

The vision for Dillon Welding has always been “ To build a market leading company through technology, innovation and hard work”. With a recently expanded procurement division Dillon Welding is breaking into all sectors of business both government and private, with a “best service at the best price” motto our agents work tirelessly to ensure our clients happiness. We hope to have a national footprint in South Africa within the next ten years with a branch in each province in South Africa.